PRODUCT NEWS: Teledyne API introduces US EPA-approved NOx instruments containing a new high efficiency Blue Light Converter (BLC)



Teledyne API introduces US EPA-approved NOx instruments containing a new high efficiency Blue Light Converter (BLC). 

The Model T200P (Standard-Level) and T200UP (Trace-Level) instruments measure True NO2/NO/NOx using the famliar Chemiluminescence measurement technique, coupled with an NO2 converter that uses photolysis rather than traditional catalytic (stainless steel) or chemical reagent (molybdenum) based converters. These traditional heated converters can produce falsely positive NO2 measurements as high as 50% more than those from a photolytic converter, and require more maintenance.

Key Advantages:

  • US EPA-Approved!
  • Simultaneous "True NO2"/NO/NOx
  • Lower maintenance, more accurate
  • Competitively priced
  • NumaView™ premium T Series software

Teledyne API acquired the BLC technology from Air Quality Design in July 2016, and has transitioned production of the BLC to TAPI's new factory in San Diego. This has resulted in expanded use of the technology into the newly available T200P (Standard-Level) instrument and a significant price reduction of the popular T200UP (Trace-Level) instrument. These BLC-based instruments are now available for only a slight premium above the T200U and T200 products, and both possess US EPA Federal Equivalent Method (FEM) designation.