BPIT, Inc. - T200UP NO-NO2 Ultra-Sensitive Photolytic NO-NO2 Analyzer

T200UP NO-NO2 Ultra-Sensitive Photolytic NO-NO2 Analyzer

By: Teledyne Instruments API

U.S. EPA designation method for measuring concentrations of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in the ambient air (EQNA–0512–200).
The Model T200UP provides Trace Level measurements of NO and NO2 using our Model T200U NOx analyzer combined with a patented photolytic converter. Even low temperature molybdenum converters transform other nitrogen-containing compounds such as HNO3, PAN, etc. to a considerable extent. Simultaneous measurements of NO2 performed with molybdenum and photolytic converters have shown significantly different results in the presence of such compounds.

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  • Ranges: 0-5 ppb to 0-2,000 ppb, user selectable
  • Highly specific conversion of NO2
  • Ethernet, RS-232, and (optional) USB com ports
  • Front panel USB connections for peripheral devices and firmware upgrades
  • 8 analog inputs (optional)
  • 100 ppt lower detectable limit
  • Catalytic ozone scrubber
  • Comprehensive internal data logging with programmable averaging periods
  • Ability to log virtually any operating parameter


Gas Measured: NO-NO2 Nitrogen Oxide, Nitrogen Dioxide

Ranges (Min/Max): 0-5 ppb / 0-2,000 ppb

Applications: Trace level; Ultra-sensitive 'True NO2'