BPIT, Inc. - S3121 / R3121 Temperature and Relative Humidity Logger

S3121 / R3121 Temperature and Relative Humidity Logger

By: Envitech Ltd.

Thermometer-hygrometer including dew point temperature. With external T+RH probe.

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  • Available in various Climate Control applications like HVAC, transport, food, laboratories, buildings,Pharmaceutical industry,Warehouses and so on.
  • Fast data transfer to the PC (full memory for approximately 30s) and large data memory (32,000 values)
  • Low power consumption from battery, battery life up to 7 years, including indication of remaining battery life, easy replacement of the battery
  • Logging start/stop is enabled in several ways
  • Each data logger is possible to describe with text of maximum 32 characters


General Aspects:

Hygrometer - thermometer, as these Envitech Climate Control data loggers, is designed for record of relative humidity, temperature, dew-point, optionally in combination with universal input 0-5V. Relative humidity and temperature values are stored to a non volatile electronic memory. Data transfer to the personal computer for further analysis is performed via USB, RS232, GSM or Ethernet interface by means of a proper adapter.

S3121 & R3121, trademark of Envitech Ltd, are Climate Control intelligent data loggers thermometers that related to the temp monitoring field and measure also Relative Humidity and as a result, also dew point temperature. The difference between these data loggers is that the first including LED display and the second - not.


Description Specification
Operating temperature range of data:  -30°C to +105°C
Temperature Resolution: 0.1°C ; Accuracy :  ±0.4°C
Relative Humidity measuring range:  0 to 100% RH

Relative Humidoty Resolution:   

0.1% RH;

Accuracy: ±2.5% from 5 to 95% RH at 23°C

Dew Point range:


Accuracy : 

-60°C to +105°C


±0.5°C from 40 to 95% RH

Real time clock:  adjustable from computer, integrated calendar including leap years
Data logging interval:  adjustable from 10s to 24h (20 steps)
Display and alarm refresh:  each 10s
Dimensions without connectors: 93 x 64 x 29mm
Dimensions of the external probe:  18 mm, length approximately 75mm, default cable length 1 meter
Power:  Lithium battery 3.6V, size AA